Blockchain Eliminates MLM Scams, and Begin the Era of Chain Promotions
Blockchain Eliminates MLM Scams, and Begin the Era of Chain Promotions

Anyone who knows about the crypto industry should have known, that there are so many scams leeching off the name “cryptocurrency” that are just too convincing to be distinguished from the real thing.. Fraudsters take advantages of people’s ignorance of the technology, steal and replace the concept of blockchain, disguise the scam in the cloak of blockchain or cryptocurrency, and lure people to participate through seduction of interests so as to obtain huge amounts of ill-gotten wealth.

Normally, the rules set and the cash flows for those scams are manipulated by a certain person who chooses to use crypto to cheat money and hide information, or design a private chain whose issuance can be controlled and defrauded, or even so far as to pose website credits as legitimate cryptocurrency. In other words, scams present themselves in a variety of ways. However, they all share the same purpose, to defraud the public wealth. Coupled with pyramid scheme promotion models, their propaganda is amazing. This explains why in some scam-ridden areas, people associate cryptocurrency with MLM scams, it is because the information the public has received is completely asymmetric to the real crypto industry while those so-called crypto players around them happen to be engaged in MLM scams. Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine the origin of these misunderstandings. For most people, website credits and cryptocurrencies are both digital numbers on a computer screen with no difference in-between. It’s even harder for them to figure out the difference between a decentralized global consensus ledger and numbers generated in a centralized server.

Wrong cognition towards this industry is the last thing we hope to see. For a burgeoning industry, social negation and distortion of public opinions are sometimes even fatal.

We cannot stop such phenomenon, because the root is not the scam itself, but the public’ desire for more wealth, which is the soil on which MLM scams survive.

VDS believes, there’s nothing wrong with desire itself, and there’s also no problem with the MLM model either. The problem is, when the MLM scheme is controlled by a so-called “center”, the lust of the controlling person becomes a risk, causing him/her be offered with privileges to do evil. Game rules are alterable, fund pools can be stolen, market buy and sell orders can be manipulated. This is the hard truth about scams.

Now that we cannot stop it, is it ok for us to analyze from another perspective, to find the key to the problem and solve it once and for all? VDS believes the crux of the problem is that investment suffered losses bring fear to the masses. So, can we find a way to solve this problem, to protect the people from being hurt again? 

VDS has figured out a way to solve the problem, and bring up a new type of MLM concept—Chain Promotion. We define chain promotion as a sales mechanism that runs multi-level capital rules and cash flow distributions on a completely decentralized, on a public chain which cannot be tampered with.

Through the binding of transactional signatures as well as address-to-address payments, VDS has built chains of profit. After a series of rule design and experimentation, our original vision is realized. Due to the fact that it is a decentralized public chain, nobody is capable of tampering with its rules, nor could any center control the money from its participants, there won’t even be any risks for the fund pool being stolen. It is a distributed network that no one could ever shut down. That is to say, it will never stop once activated, unless we cut down all networks around the globe.

VDS regards this as the best social attempt ever to use blockchain technology to solve trust issues. This binding relationship among addresses on the blockchain is like a signed and sealed contract that once established, has no way to be altered. Therefore, we named it the Trust Stamp Network.

The Trust Stamp Network is about to become the first decentralized multi-level interpersonal sales model in the world. The era of Chain Promotion starts here. We trust in two years, no attention would be casted to those projects whose capital rules and cash flow distributions are not on the public chain. MLM scams are about to be eliminated.

VDS wishes to change the world by technological means, and protect everyone from getting hurt.

Of course, for cryptocurrency, such a promotion model is also an excellent choice. It can be said that so far, it is the most efficient, lowest cost, and most compatible promotional model for cryptocurrency. For a cryptocurrency with upper limits in its total issuance, cash flow from a steady influx of users will continue to pull up the overall market capitalization increase, the future price of Vollar will become unimaginable.

This has perfectly matched with VDS Dev Team’s purpose of creating a decentralized global currency. As an independent entity, any crypto that wishes to become a currency possessing legitimate use-value has to enlarge its market capitalization to a balancing point, to counterbalance the fluctuations of the currency itself, and become a currency that most people would like to hold and are able to accept. For example, let’s suppose 1 Vollar is worth $100,000 due to its continuous rise in market value, if its price fluctuation is around $200, then the fluctuation ratio of Vollar is 0.2%. Since it is way below the fluctuation ratio of many decentralized cryptos already, most people would find it acceptable to deal with. We look forward to that day.

The beginning of the Chain Promotion Era heralds a redistribution of global wealth. It is destined to disrupt the current centralized way of thinking, and open up a new chapter in the cryptocurrency industry

VDS will unlock your door to ultimate wealth freedom and redefine the future.

By: The Decentralized Financial Promotions Group – The VDS Team

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