How Do You Get Vollar? Play VDS!

As a completely decentralized and distributed ecosystem, VDS will issue Vollar (the cryptocurrency within VDS) without any centralized mechanism. A total of 2.1 billion Vollar are to be issued. Out of this sum, 100 million have been pre-mined and 2 billion will be POW issued. The Dev team will not reserve any share for themselves. All the Vollar will be issued in a decentralized, public and transparent way. For specifics on how this issuance will work, please refer to the VDS whitepaper.

In order to allow participants to more clearly understand how they can get Vollar, we’ve given a summary below:

Earning the 100 Million Vollar

This 100 million Vollar is designed specifically to startup the project and drive VDS’s initial ecological development.

1.Bitcoin users get a 1:1 Vollar airdrop:

If you hold Bitcoin and had a transaction record on the 558,000th Bitcoin block, you can get a VDS to BTC 1:1 airdrop from a snapshot of the 558,000th block. Simply import your bitcoin private key into the VDS wallet to get your equivalent amount of Vollar.
(If you’re worried about the safety of your Bitcoin, just transfer your Bitcoin to another BTC address and then import the empty private key into the VDS wallet. You will still be able to get your Vollar.)

2.Vollar Conversions in Resonance Trade:

Resonance Trade is a Bitcoin to Vollar cross-chain, one-way, dynamic-ratio, conversion-channel designed into VDS. Any Bitcoin holder can go through Resonance Trade to anonymously buy Vollar at whatever the Resonance Trade rate is. Attention must be paid to the fact that this operation must happen through the Bitcoin wallet, and that the Bitcoin private key that made the payment is in your own hands. This is because the Vollar we get from the trade is remitted into a VDS address that corresponds with your BTC private key.
(WARNING: If you use a BTC private key connected with an exchange platform to make Resonance Trades, the Vollar will be paid to a VDS address that corresponds to that BTC private key controlled by the exchange platform. If the key is controlled by the platform, you may not be able to import it into the VDS wallet App, and then you won’t be able to get your Vollar!!!)

3.Getting Vollar Rewards for Initial Ecological Establishment:

In order to rapidly drive VDS’s ecological establishment and operations, the Dev team set aside 12 million Vollar as initial ecological establishment funds to be disbursed to companies and people within the industry that support VDS’s ecological establishment. They are divided into clear website establishment, cryptocurrency exchanges, industry superstars, mining pools, and market data platforms. All task rewards disbursed will be made public within the community and the deposit addresses for initial ecological establishment funds will be open and transparent. Every participant should stay tuned in to this. For specifics, please refer to the Ecology section in the Whitepaper.
(Individuals can receive Vollar rewards by establishing a Clear Web Site. Please visit the official VDS Deep Web website for details.)

Getting the 2 billion POW-issued Vollar

Initially, VDS will issue 500 Vollar every block. Mining-issued rewards are split 50/50 by the miners and super master nodes. This design is to help expand the network and make the ecology better balanced.

1.Mining Vollar:

Anybody can download the VDS client-end PC wallet, set the mining configuration parameters, and use the CPU of a computer to mine and receive Vollar. Your CPU power determines your odds of getting Ledger Rights, and getting these rights means that you will get the newly-issued Vollar reward. However, the amount of new coin issuance obtained is determined by the POW Issuance Mechanism. For more details on this please read the VDS whitepaper.

2. Getting Vollar through a Super Master Node:

You can view getting Vollar from super master nodes as a very safe and stable financial investment. Anybody can download the VDS client-end PC wallet and setup a super master node after block synchronization is complete. Every super master node must use a VID address as its ID to connect to the network, and bind to this a 10,000 Vollar (exactly) UTXO. This 10,000 Vollar UTXO only serves as a deposit. The faster the hardware is that you use to create your super master node, the faster the network is, and the higher your rate of receiving super master node rewards will be.
(The private key with this 10,000 Vollar deposit can be stored on an offline wallet, and as long as no changes occur on this Vollar the system will regard this super master node as effectively working, and it will receive continuous Vollar rewards.)

Getting Vollar from Fission Promotions:

The VDS Trust Stamp System is a decentralized, multi-level promotion rewards system where the participants can get huge amounts of Vollar from Fission Promotion. One can build their own perpetual cash flow system and also channel more capital into the VDS ecology, making the price of Vollar continuously climb at the benefit of everybody in the community.

1.Getting Vollar from Trust Stamp System Fission Promotions:

Participants can get their own VID by paying 10 Vollar to another VID address. After that they can invite other people to join in on Trust Stamp Fission promotions and earn huge Vollar rewards. The Trust Stamp System of every VID has its own 12-level, relation-locked pyramid. On this 12-level pyramid, every VID can fission-generate 12 new VIDs. Every newly created VID that pays the 10 Vollar to you is considered a direct invite. You receive 3.5 Vollar as a direct invite reward for every VID that makes this payment toward your VID. Every newly created VID that makes the 10 Vollar payment to another VID under your Trust Stamp System can be considered an indirect invite. You get 0.5 Vollar in system rewards for every indirect invite. Every Trust Stamp System can hold approximately 9.7 trillion VIDs. This method requires the lowest investment into VDS, but can also allow you to get the greatest amount of Vollar.
(It must be remembered that all the operations for Trust Stamp Network Fission Promotions are decentralized. Every successful invite becomes a transaction on the VDS chain. The revenue-relationships are locked together by this special transaction signature. For details regarding the Trust Stamp Network please refer to the VDS whitepaper.)

Buying Vollar Directly:

There is a distributed OTC market within the VDS ecology; it ensures the smooth, frictionless flow of global transactions. You can also make purchases from the exchange markets, which is the most common way to obtain cryptocurrencies. Vollar, the standard monetary unit in VDS, is both decentralized and open source so it fully meets every platform’s online trading requirements.

1.Purchasing through the Distributed Superconducting OTC Trade Groups:

VDS is not only a Secret Chat system, every chat group possesses the OTC Trade function. Starting from the 30,240th VDS block, every 10,080 block will generate 100 distributed OTC trade groups. Every Sprout VID that enters the Trust Stamp Network Fission Top 100 earns the qualification to startup the OTC Trade function. Each OTC trade group can set one kind currency to trade within the group, all transactions are done through smart contracts. Group administrators serve as the arbitrators to guarantee transactions are fair and orderly within their OTC trade group.
(VDS’s Distributed Superconducting OTC Trade is a completely decentralized and free exchange network. It can put Vollar up for trade even in a situation where there are no exchange platforms doing so, it can also guarantee Vollar and every global currency can be traded barrier-free. It can satisfy the purchase and cash demands of everybody. Once activated there is no way to shut it down.)

2.Purchasing Vollar on an Exchange Platform:

VDS is awarding a portion of the initial ecological establishment fund to the first 51 whitelisted exchange platforms who put Vollar up for trade and then go through VAD to publish the details (so that users are able to find out which exchanges have put Vollar up for trade). VDS can help exchanges solve the problems of legal tender recharge and withdrawal, as well as attract an enormous number of traders. For cryptocurrency exchanges, Vollar is a cryptocurrency that brings operational functions. VDS wishes that every exchange platform work together to build a completely new, decentralized, cryptocurrency trading ecology and provide a highly free, global financial system.
(Exchange platforms that put Vollar up for trade do so by their own free accord. Since the current number of exchanges is already huge, VDS has no way to evaluate the trustworthiness of every platform. Those who make Vollar trades on an exchange should carry out due diligence and judge the risks yourselves.)

Finally, we wish all of you success in becoming top VDS players and getting Bitcoin reward.

By: The decentralized Financial Promotions Group – The VDS Team

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