How to Become Top Player and Win Bitcoin in VDS

I trust that everybody who knows about VDS is interested in how to become a Top Player and get huge Bitcoin rewards (even if there are still some people worried this is going to be a scam since it sounds too good to be true).

I think this worry is quite reasonable, as at the birth of anything that has never before been seen, it will make people skeptical, which this is just about how we felt about Bitcoin, am I right?

The first thing that I’ll tell you is where the Bitcoin rewards come from. The VDS Dev Team hopes that every participant will come to deep understanding of this project and make choices in a rational way, this point is extremely important.

We’ve designed a cross-chain, one-way, Bitcoin to Vollar conversion function into VDS, it’s called Resonance Trade. It can completely anonymously convert your Bitcoin into Vollar according to the V-Pool conversion ratio. This operation not only lets Bitcoin players get more legal tenders, but also utilizes Vollar anonymous function to conceal cash flows, this means that your Bitcoin can once again find freedom.

Since VDS and BTC use identical elliptic curve algorithms, the same private key can be used to get addresses on different chains. Also, every Bitcoin address can generate a corresponding VDS address. The Vollar conversions in Resonance Trade will be directly remitted to the VDS address that corresponds to your Bitcoin private key. I’m sure every Bitcoin player understands the meaning of what I just said.

This is how that Bitcoin used as rewards gets generated. For details on how Resonance Trade works, go read the VDS whitepaper.

What we need to get a clear grasp on is that in Resonance Trades, when we pay in our Bitcoin, it goes directly to the Bitcoin addresses held by the winners of the weekly VDS Fission Promotion Competition. This is also why we call it a “the real-life version Ready Player One competition for Bitcoin distribution rights”.

Only the Fission Promotion Top 10 players can earn Bitcoin distribution rights.

The Game results are automatically wiped to zero and the Top 10 are selected anew by the VDS chain every 10,080 blocks (approx. one week’s time). This is also to say the winners only get to receive Bitcoin distributions for one week’s time.

Want to become a Top 10? First you need a VID address. All you have to do is pay 10 Vollar to another VID to receive your own personal VID.

Then you can also join in on making VDS Trust Stamp Network Fission Promotions and invite your friends to send 10 Vollar to your VID. You get 4 Vollar in rewards from this, and also weighted-score points which the system uses to select the Fission Top 10.

The fission-weighted score is a ranking mechanism designed to balance the VDS Game. Every VID has a 12 level Trust Stamp System. Every time a new VID appears on a level in the Trust Stamp System, the system will calculate your fission-weighted points according to the level that this VID is on. Level one is 100 points, the last level is roughly 0.5 points.

For the specific fission-weighted scores refer to the table below:

As long as it’s within your VID’s 12-level Trust Stamp System, regardless of whether or not you invited the VID yourself or if another person invited it in, the system will calculate it. In the end, everyone is going to discover that this is a game of group collaboration and trust.

However, in the end the Bitcoin you get depends on you. This is because distribution ratio for the Bitcoin you receive is decided by the number of new VID direct invites you make. The number of direct invites you make is compared with the total number of direct invites from all Top 10 in the current Game and Bitcoin is distributed to you according to this ratio.

All said, if you want to become a Top 10 it all counts on group cooperation, and the amount of Bitcoin you get counts on your own personal hard work.

There are no free lunches in this world, but for those with ability and perseverance there are opportunities are everywhere.

Here there will be no room for the pathetic and weak, but will be paradise for challengers.

Here, there will be no permanent failure, and even more so no perpetual success.

Here, there are no mortal enemies, only coordinating comrades.

VDS has started a new field of cryptocurrency games, who’s going to become the Top VDS Player this time?

This is all in your hands. We wish every participant happy playing.[/b]

By: The Decentralized Financial Promotions Group – The VDS Team

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