Only Bitcoin Holders Can Unlock the Ultimate Wealth Miracle

Time flies. Bitcoin is already on its 10th anniversary. Even today I remember when Bitcoin wallets came with a built-in mining function, and the happiness the first time I got 50 Bitcoin off CPU power. Even to this day, I’m thankful for those friends who’ve held this common belief. In these 10 years, we’ve built so many miracles together. I trust that this time, we can still bring some surprises for everybody.

VDS has carried on the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto, continuing on decentralization and the defense of privacy.

Let these thoughts be delivered so as to inspire the modern people to re-acquaint themselves with this world.

Bitcoin players should all know clearly, the success of Bitcoin originates from its decentralized nature. If we were to participate in the ecological development of Bitcoin in its earliest developmental stages, in those early days it was out of interest and hobby. However, the majority of information received about Bitcoin comes from that which is shared among friends- because they have the passion to spread this info with others.

So, for a decentralized product, word-of-mouth is of vital importance.

But as the crypto industry comes to the attention of mainstream society, people forget the essence of decentralization, however this essence is the strongest power of our group.

In order to reawaken this power and solve the problems present in our society; VDS, built on blockchain technology, has designed and developed a system that relies on transaction signatures to connect multi-level interpersonal promotion revenues. Under complete decentralization and transparency, promoters can earn massive revenues and allow more people to join in the ecology to increase cash flows within the system. The final result is a net-win for everybody who participates; we call it the Trust Stamp Network.

The Trust Stamp Network is a fission promotion system composed of interpersonal relationship pyramids. However, Bitcoin players need to activate these pyramids; only those players holding at least 0.1 Bitcoin on the 558,000th Bitcoin block qualify to activate a pyramid and obtain the Genesis VID at the very top.

Based on the numbers from the Bitcoin blockchain, the number of people who hold this qualification could possibly exceed 2 million.

Claiming a Genesis VID is free of charge, no Bitcoin need be paid. An empty private key can still perform the operation so it’s extremely safe.

VDS considers Bitcoin to be the most widely used crypto in the world, a strategy like this can allow VDS players to disseminate to every corner of over the globe, this is extremely important for a new currency.

After Bitcoin players get a new Genesis VID they can earn Vollar through fission promotions. This is the best cash flow system you’ve ever seen. You only need to let your friend pay 10 Vollar towards your VID, he/she can then acquire their own VID address. You will also receive 4 Vollar as a reward for this, and that is also to say any given VID needs only to push VDS to 3 other friends, adding them into the Trust Stamp Network and then you’ve already made a return on investment, however this is just the beginning.

Every VID in the Trust Stamp Network has a 12-level Trust Stamp System, and every VID can fission out 12 VID relation locks, that is also to say any VID can fission out approximately 9.7 trillion new VIDs. After the 12 spots in the first level of our Trust Stamp System are full, any VID that invites a new VID into one of the 12 levels in our Trust Stamp System will bring a 0.5 Vollar reward to us. A revenue multiplier like this will make for an astronomical number, and on top of that this is a never-ending, unstoppable game.

Since all the revenue distributions are clear on the VDS chain, just like Nakamoto’s unstoppable Bitcoin, even the VDS Devs themselves have no way to shut VDS down.

The most interesting part is that this is not only a one-time promotions game, this is a real-life version Ready Player One competition for Bitcoin distribution rights. Every week the system will calculate the Top 10 most excellent promoters to receive huge amounts of Bitcoin rewards, yeah that’s right, Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin rewards handed out for the competition are generated from VDS Resonance Trade, a kind of cross-chain one-way Vollar exchange channel that allows Bitcoin players to obtain more legal tenders under absolutely anonymous conditions. However, the Bitcoin from Resonance Trades is paid directly to the winners of the fission promotion competition.

This is the experience of perfection that VDS has brought to cryptocurrency players, and more so it is the full unification of the power of Bitcoin believers.

In the name of decentralization, let us once again sound the horns of war.

The final victory belongs to each and every one of us.

Nothing is eternal, only thoughts will last forever.

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