The 12 Advantages of the VDS Chain Promotions Model

Cryptocurrency serves as a product which melds the Internet and finance, active user numbers and market exchange price are crypto’s pivotal point of success, they both complement each other. The chain promotions model in VDS supports these two key factors effectively. It solves the problem of user conversions from an internet aspect, and solves the problem of user demand from a financial aspect. All these lay the foundation of success for the future development of the VDS Chain.

The definition of chain promotions is: A kind of multi-level rewards rules and cash flow distribution, in a completely decentralized state, a sales mechanism that operates on an intamperable public chain.

This new decentralized fission reward sales model effectively solves many of the drawbacks of the centralized MLM model and forms an efficient communication network that relies on consensus trust. Since it can bind the profit relationships between addresses just like a stamp on a contract, VDS calls this function The Trust Stamp Network.

Based on our in-depth research in the cryptocurrency industry and the MLM industry, we have compiled 12 major advantages around the chain promotions model to help participants gain a clearer understanding of the core competitiveness of the Trust Stamp Network.

The first top player competition fight for Bitcoin:

Since now Bitcoin has affected the entire globe, it is now not necessary for us to explain its value to other people. For any person, if they can get huge piles of Bitcoin for free it’s something that’s going to get them excited. VDS’s “fast track” channel which allows Bitcoin to be anonymously traded for other legal tenders (Resonance Trade), is a unique innovation which allows cross-chain one-way Bitcoin to Vollar exchanges. Since all the Bitcoin generated from Resonance Trades serve as weekly fission game rewards which are distributed to the VIDs who earn Fission Top 10 ranking, and also adding on the Spring Rain which kickstarts the VDS project, every week at least 50 Bitcoins are rewarded, so incentivized by these huge rewards, nobody is going to be sitting around waiting to see what happens, and give up the opportunities of this challenge. Let’s assume that every VID user invited just one new VID every week, then the global number will also increase by double every week, huge purchase demands on Vollar will directly cause the price to rise, when the price is continuously rising, market confidence grows stronger and stronger, everybody will know Vollar’s potential value. When the market forms this kind of consensus, Vollar’s success will be unstoppable.

The global fission network jointly created by Bitcoin players:

VDS’s Fission Promotion Network is a distributed pyramid fission network, every pyramid is started up by a Bitcoin user. As long as you were holding an account with 0.1 or more Bitcoin on the 558,000th block height, no matter if this account has Bitcoin in it or not now, you can go claim your free Genesis VID on the VDS chain, and be the boss at the top of a fission promotion network pyramid. One thing to know, there are now over 2 million Bitcoin addresses like this across the globe, which is also to say, this is the maximum number of fission pyramids that can be generated, however every pyramid is equal to possessing the promotional power of an MLM company. In today’s world where Bitcoin holders a spread all over the globe, this kind of power will sweep the world like a tsunami. Discover the might of decentralized consensus, amaze the people of the world.

People will quickly realize the true meaning of what’s said about VDS, “The fission of life is infinite, the vastness of the universe is limited”,

The endless fission game:

VDS’s fission promotion network, also known as the Trust Stamp Network, and each person’s V identity – VID address, has its own 12-level Trust Stamp System, Each VID can split 12 new VIDs, so under each VID’s Trust Stamp System, up to approx. 9.7 trillion invites can be made. Whether you or someone else invites a VID into the Trust Stamp System, you can get fission promotion rewards, which is a very large cash flow system, because even if you have the ability to invite all 7 billion people around the world to join you, you still need to repeat this 14,000 times to fill your Trust Stamp System. This is an impossible task, so for everyone with a VID, this system equals a cash flow system that provides unlimited revenue.

Low investment, rapid returns:

In the Trust Stamp Network, creating a VID address requires 10 Vollar to be paid to another VID address using a basic address. This investment is extremely low. Even if the total market value of VDS in the future exceeds Bitcoin, it becomes the world’s largest encrypted digital currency, which is an acceptable cost for participants. Because, its return speed is very fast, directly invite a new VID to join, you will get 4 Vollar rewards, that is, as long as you invite 3 people, you have gained a net profit of 2 Vollar. Who doesn’t have 3 friends? Moreover, as long as the VIDs that your three friends invite are in your 12-level Trust Stamp System, each new VID will also give you a 0.5 Vollar system reward.

In VDS, any effort is rewarded accordingly. As long as you understand the design principles of the VDS chain and introduce it to others in a responsible way, you will find that this is the easiest business in the world. You also will reap the rewards and friendships that you deserve.

Payment is allocated without a funds pool:

When a new VID is invited through the Trust Stamp Network, the 10 Vollar paid by the other party are entirely processed on the blockchain. When the direct inviter receives the 3.5 Vollar direct invite award, the VIDs in the 12 levels above the invited VID will receive a 0.5 Vollar system reward, and 0.5Vollar will also be paid directly to the miners and super master nodes. In other words, 10 Vollar will be allocated immediately, and these transaction records are completely transparent on the VDS chain. Therefore, in the VDS Trust Stamp Network, there is no fund pool at all. In this way, the problem of black box operations in traditional MLM companies is solved.

Because of this balanced design of cash flow distributions, VDS will never crash.

Private, rapid social collaboration:

VDS’s Secret Chat Function is the world’s most secure and private social media tool. It realizes true decentralized privacy for social communications by transmitting information through distributed anonymous servers. Since it is implemented over a distributed network, no one can shut it down. To use this chat application, you must have a VID as an identity in the network to accept the encrypted information sent peer-to-peer. So in the application’s chat groups, everybody is a VDS player. There will definitely not be a shortage of older players who have a deeper understanding of VDS. If novices have any problems, we believe that they can get the answers they want quickly by communicating with older players in the group. Older players are also stimulated to help because it is likely that all the people he is helping are users within his/her Trust Stamp System, so he/she can get direct profit returns. 

The Secret Chat function will provide the best communication platform for the Trust Stamp Network Fission Promotions. Under the spread of such high-speed information replication, VDS will rapidly grow into the world’s largest community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Rewards rules written on the blockchain are intamperable:

In VDS, All the Fission Promotion rewards rules in the Trust Stamp Network are made through blockchain transactions. Every VID invited is actually bound address-to-address with a special transaction signature. Through this method address-to-address profits distributions are set, forming the operation of completely decentralized promotions rewards rules, VDS rewards rules are intamperable, unless the globe reaches a 51% network-wide consensus. So the future revenues from Trust Stamp Systems that we build are set and reliable. Nobody can change around our revenues. This will be the most stable cash flow system you’ve ever seen.

A Game nobody can ever shut down:

It’s certain that anybody who does multi-level marketing campaigns has seen a company suddenly close down, or get seized by the government, all that hard work and investment just vanish from thin air. This is definitely a painful experience, and no matter what it’s the public that inevitably gets hurt. In order to solve this problem, VDS has completely decentralized the MLM model, and all bonus rules and cash flows are run on the public chain. That is to say, from the day the VDS chain is running, as long as there is a full-node wallet running in the world, all the data of the VDS chain will exist, so no one can close it, even its creators. In other words, everyone will be the owner of VDS, as long as the Internet doesn’t get shut down, then VDS will exist too.

The safest static gains in history:

The VDS chain uses POW for verification and issuance, and 50% of the new currency issued by miners is distributed to the super master nodes. That is to say, super master nodes could potentially obtain half of the total circulating currency of the VDS chain. Such a high income distribution ensures the security and stability of the network. In order to build a super master node and get Vollar revenues, you must use 10,000 Vollar as a deposit, put the currency into an empty address, and then fill this address into the super master node you created. Since you can’t earn revenues if this Vollar gets moved, and the private key of this address is completely controlled by you, even when using an offline wallet, there is no risk to this capital. Therefore, this can be said to be the safest static income model in history.

Frictionless conversions of global legal tenders:

For any investment, revenue redemption is a matter of concern. VDS has also made a historic breakthrough in the redemption of cryptocurrency, building a distributed OTC trading network through its Secret Chat groups, which VDS calls a decentralized superconducting financial network. All transactions in VDS are free, Vollar can be cashed out without any restrictions, and can be redeemed with the legal currency of any country in the world through different legal currency OTC trading groups. Because this kind of transaction is done by smart contracts on the VDS chain, no one can close the trading network. Even cryptocurrency exchanges can use Vollar as a channel to withdraw funds from global legal tenders to expand their business. Bitcoin can also use this feature in conjunction with Resonance Trade to exchange all fiat currencies worldwide for complete anonymity. With the promotion of the VDS superconducting financial network, the cryptocurrency industry will usher in an era of utter freedom.

Even if all the exchanges in the world get closed down, Vollar’s transactions will not be affected because VDS itself is a decentralized distributed exchange.

The paradise of hidden riches:

Alongside the increasing number of VDS players across the world, Vollar prices will continue to rise, and countless billionaires will be born in VDS, which is not difficult to imagine. From the beginning of VDS, the protection of the property privacy of successful people was considered. It incorporates the anonymizing zero-knowledge proof technology. Anyone can anonymously process Vollar through this anonymous trading function. The assets processed through anonymity are in the block. The chain can no longer be found, which is equivalent to completely destroying the previous accounts, and in the blockchain, the ownership of the assets can be confirmed by zero-knowledge proof. In other words, no matter how much wealth you get in VDS, you can make them disappear without a trace, and make your riches truly invisible.

Your life will be fully free and no longer bound by the centralized world.

The Devs and community both win:

In the cryptocurrency industry, most of the teams that issue coins hold a certain amount of the total supply to ensure the team’s profitability in the project. It can be said that this method has become an industry habit. VDS believes that this approach is unreasonable for a decentralized public-chain project, because the circulation of the team’s hands is enough to affect the market’s volatility. Once the founding team has cashed in, the investors in this project will suffer huge losses. There are countless cases. Therefore, in order to solve this imbalance, VDS has designed a mechanism where the whole market wins to ensure better market development but still ensure the future benefits of the team. Through the use of a patent fee for VID creation, 3% Vollar is charged to guarantee the team’s revenue. Since having a VID is essential to accessing many of the functions in VDS, this can be seen as the selling of a software application. So with this kind of patent fee approach, the dev team and the community grow together as more people use VDS. In order to make the future of VDS truly successful, the dev team has written a community voting mechanism onto the chain. This mechanism will be activated automatically after 5 years. By then, all product usage patent fees will be allocated by the VIDs, and distributions paid to the VID elites selected by the community to guarantee the long-term development of VDS.

By: The Decentralized Financial Promotions Group – The VDS Team

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