VDS Competition for Bitcoin Genesis Game Start


Through two years of design and development, $20 million USD in investments, V-Dimension fully adheres to the ideas of decentralization and pays attention to the user experience of every player. Through the product’s perfect design which makes cryptocurrency even more powerful, the charm of blockchain technology will be displayed for the whole world to see.

On V-Day, 14th February 2019, VDS chain will officially activate, the Genesis Game to fight for Bitcoin will begin.

This is the cryptocurrency industry’s first real-life version Ready Player One fight for Bitcoin distribution rights, a competition of unstoppable circulation, this is the first “re-distribution of Bitcoin”.

The Bitcoin produced by the ICEX high-multiplier phase will all serve as Fission Promotion rewards, and given out to the Top 10 and Lucky 20 light master nodes through Resonance Trade. ICEX will at minimum raise 1,150 Bitcoin. If this number hasn’t yet been reached at the end of ICEX, it means this project startup was a failure and the VDS Team will return the Bitcoin received to the original addresses within 24 hours. If the plan is a success, the competition winners of the first 21 Games including the Genesis Game get this minimum guaranteed Bitcoin reward. This was designed to kick-start the VDS chain, and it’s called “The Spring Rain Plan”.

All the ICEX-raised Bitcoin reward is divided into 23 portions. The Genesis game receives 3 portions (at least 150 Bitcoin), after that the 20 Regular Games each get one portion of at least 50 Bitcoin.

That is also to say the round one Genesis Game rewards are at least 3 times higher than the rewards in Regular Phase games.

Blocks 0-30,239 of the VDS chain (approx. three weeks) are the Genesis Phase. Any VID address can join in on the fight for Bitcoin, use VDS’s decentralized wallet app, and through fission promotions- invite other people to pay 10 Vollar to their own VID address, easily gaining fission-weighted points. At last the VDS chain will count up the Top 10 players to become the Game’s Top 10 winners who will the receive Bitcoin rewards.

Together, through “The Spring Rain Plan”, Fission Promotions and under the stimulation of Bitcoin, the VDS community will rapidly channel in a massive volume of users. Due to the attendance of this mass of users, everybody will purchase 10 Vollar to create their VID address and make Fission Promotions the Vollar market purchase demand will gradually rise, however the Vollar circulating on the market is limited, and this kind of situation will definitely make Vollar’s price expand.

The price of Vollar will continuously climb, it will bring in gigantic returns for Bitcoin users who participate in ICEX, and at last be a total-win for everybody in the VDS society.

Finally, we hope and pray that all participants can reap the stupendous spoils of the Genesis Game.

The Fission of Life is infinite, the Vastness of the Universe is Limited.

By: The decentralized Financial Promotions Group – The VDS Team

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