What is VDS?

How would one go about describing VDS in a sentence? The answer we’ve given out is, “it is a Noncentralized Consensus Society Full-Ecology Future Currency Network”, but nobody is going to get a true understanding of it from this.

Truthfully, what we’ve done is not merely a single blockchain project of crypto, but achieved an integration of multiple technologies across the industry, as well as added in a few new technological breakthroughs. Through acme underlying architecture balanced design, takes product concept logic of elegant simplicity to bring to the masses an entire decentralized Internet and financial ecology. However if we must use the most succinct language to introduce it, it can take these as its description:

It is a Super Deep Web that uses blockchain as its foundation and runs on anonymous distributed servers.

It is a Secret Chat tool that relies on a distributed anonymous network to transmit information (the most secure in history).

It is a decentralized MLM network constructed on blockchain transactions.

It is a distributed OTC trading network that can exchange all legal tenders on the globe.

It is a cryptocurrency that can perform anonymous transactions through zero knowledge proof technology.

It is a “fast-track channel” that allows Bitcoin to be anonymously exchanged into more legal tenders.

It is a decentralized, network-wide Advertisement, information-bidding, publishing platform.

It is an open source ERC2.0 platform possessing the ability for smart contract Dapp development.

This is V-Dimension, a defender of privacy, a product of art representing decentralized freedom. 

In order to allow everyone to more vividly know what I am saying, please permit me to explain those brief summaries made above, to help everyone get clearly how to use it. 

The Super Deep Web that uses blockchain as its foundation and runs on anonymous distributed servers

Anybody who’s played in cryptocurrency knows, ledger broadcasts in any public blockchain are done through master nodes. Every wallet synchronizes this block information, the value of a cryptocurrency is reached through this network-wide consensus of the distributed ledger. Every master node is equivalent to a server in this decentralized network. When we use a completely anonymous wallet address as a network ID to substitute a server’s IP, nobody on the network can differentiate which server is providing service for the user, because the foundation of the entire network is anonymous and scattered, so for privacy protection it’s extremely safe. There is no way for anybody to lock on to these servers and find the people using them. The VID address is a network ID on the VDS private network. Not only that, after the VDS web browser is online, VID addresses may also serve as domain names within this network. Anyone can build their own anonymous website in this network. This is the VDS Super Deep Web created through blockchain, cryptographic and networking technology, to realize internet freedom. 

The Secret Chat tool that relies on a distributed anonymous network to transmit information (the most secure in history)

In VDS’s distributed anonymous network, we not only use VID addresses for network identification, we also can use VID addresses as a kind of anonymous personal identification. When VIDs are used as a form of ID, they can send encrypted information peer-to-peer with other VIDs. When network-wide master nodes that act as servers to transmit information, the information in this process is not only encrypted, but also gets transmitted through different nodes, the IPs of these master nodes are hidden, and the master nodes themselves are scattered about every corner of the earth. That is also to say, if you wanted to monitor the chat contents between two parties on the VDS network, you must know which master nodes are currently transmitting their information, monitor these master nodes to intercept the data they are transmitting, and after that unencrypt every single message, this is essentially not possible to do, and even if somebody did it successfully they still have no way to know the real identities of the two parties chatting. VDS hopes that this design can help protect social networking privacy, because without privacy there is no way for freedom to exist. 

The decentralized MLM network constructed on blockchain technology

If you want to make use of VDS’s anonymous websites, Secret Chat, and distributed OTC trading functions first you need to receive the ID used across the VDS chain- a VID. A VID is a kind of special transaction signature address, you can understand it as a user account on blockchain’s decentralized network. It does not require a real name to register, the only way to get a VID address is to use your basic address to pay 10 Vollar to another VID, then you will automatically get a VID address. However this payment operation will also bind the relationship between you and the receiver, transaction signature relation locks form a profit distribution chain, which forms a decentralized multi-level marketing network in VDS, we call this network the Trust Stamp System.

We know clearly that a lot of people withhold a few bad impressions towards multi-level marketing. That is because too many centralized projects rely on this kind of method for success to carry out financial fraud, and brings huge financial losses to its participants. However VDS believes this sales model is good, the crux is whether or not we can find a way to be sure the creators are not going to act maliciously and let all the participants get hurt. Block chain technology has very well helped us solve this problem. In full transparency and intamperability, without any “funds pool”, absolute trust is formed between participants. No person has the ability to act maliciously in this consensus network.

Summed down to one sentence: The purpose of the MLM network that VDS has designed is to let everyone not receive hurt, and utilize technological means to completely end MLM frauds.

We trust that after 2 years, if rewards rules and cash-flows for MLM projects aren’t operating on the blockchain, nobody will even be paying attention to them.

However for cryptocurrency, using MLM to make promotions is highly effective. This meshes well with crypto’s decentralized traits. At the beginning when we promoted Bitcoin didn’t we all share mining person-to-person as a DIY hobby?

Under the joint efforts of everybody who joins in on the VDS community, trust among the global community will be achieved and everyone will walk away a winner. 

The distributed OTC trading network that can exchange all legal tenders on the globe.

Owning a VID address allows on to use the Secret Chat function, however in every secret chat group there is an OTC trading platform constructed and powered by smart contracts. Anybody can build an OTC trading group, and set one kind of legal tender to make Vollar trades. When two parties make a transaction, the OTC smart contract locks the Vollar, and once the seller receives her/his legal tender they click “already paid”, and the buyer can get the Vollar they bought. If any disputes occur during the trade the group administrator may be called upon for arbitration, which is also to say every group admin is the boss of their OTC trading group, this way countless OTCs will emerge in VDS. This method of sending Vollar opens a channel for Vollar conversions into every legal tender in the globe, forms a decentralized crypto exchange network that docks fiat tenders. Future transnational remittances will be quick and convenient as they will only take two steps; go into legal tender trading group “A” and purchase Vollar by remitting a cash payment to the other party’s bank account, then go into legal tender trading group “B” to sell Vollar and receive cash remittance from another individual.

Since all groups are decentralized, once activated there is no way to shut it down, nobody can shut it down, through everyone’s hard work we trust the world of finance will be made more free.

This could very possibly change the present state of the crypto exchange industry because there are no exchanges that don’t want to dock all legal tenders in the globe and gain more users. 

The cryptocurrency that can perform anonymous transactions through zero knowledge proof technology

Anonymous currency has already become the crypto industry’s strongest demand. It is capable of protecting asset privacy, and currently our industry has many different methods for providing anonymity. VDS has chosen zero knowledge proof used in Zcash because we consider this method which been in practice over the last two years as still the most thoroughly anonymous method to date. Zcash published the Sapling upgrade on August 8th, 2018. On October this function was activated and since then has greatly increased efficiency. This allows us to be able to adopt this anonymous technology into the VDS light wallet, and bring better and more convenient user-experience. The VDS chain’s anonymous function and Zcash are totally the same, however the user-interface has been optimized for everybody’s convenience. Regarding the technical parts of the anonymous function, please read the Zcash whitepaper, and thank the Zcash team for their outstanding contributions to the industry. 

The “fast-track channel” that allows Bitcoin to be anonymously exchanged into more legal tenders

VDS provides this kind of channel for Bitcoin; it is done through VDS’s Resonance Trade function. Resonance Trade is a cross-chain, one-way, Vollar exchange channel, it can allow Bitcoin holders to directly make Vollar exchanges under completely anonymous conditions. Since in the VDS chain, this exchange is a kind of issuance method. Through the dynamic ratio conversion of the Resonance V-Pool, Bitcoin users can refer to the market price of both Bitcoin and Vollar to determine whether to make the conversion. When Vollar can be exchanged at a rate which provides more legal currency, this is equal to Bitcoin’s sell price improving. After anonymously processing the Vollar that was converted, all of the origination information for this capital will be cut off, then by selling it through the OTC trade groups, Bitcoin users can cash-out with any legal tender in the globe under fully anonymous conditions. Of course this depends on which currency OTC trading groups you enter into. This is the fast-track channel that VDS has designed to allow Bitcoin to be anonymously traded into legal tenders.

In the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, we bring back Bitcoin Freedom. 

The decentralized, network-wide Advertisement, information-bidding, publishing platform

Ad bidding is an information broadcast function on the VDS chain. Information with the best bid can be broadcast through the super master nodes to every VDS wallet, everybody who uses VDS wallets can see this information on their wallet homepage instantly. This is a kind of completely decentralized information publishing method, nobody can limit the contents of this information. As long as the bid is successful you can broadcast whatever information you want. We call this function VAD. The VAD design is extremely important for Vollar’s use value as it can allow merchants who accept Vollar payment to accurately and directly find Vollar users as well as send them promotional content regarding their product or service. This application forms currency use value by building the link between supply and demand. Through this method VDS has solved many of the obstacles that crypto faces in becoming circulative currency, propagated Vollar’s usage, and laid the foundation for Vollar to become the globally used currency of the future.

VAD is history’s first decentralized Ad bidding platform, and perhaps yet history will give it a meaning of even higher significance. 

The open source ERC2.0 platform possessing the ability for smart contract Dapp development.
VDS’s underlying architectural code is a combination of Bitconi and Ethereum. So it possesses the ability to develop smart contract Dapps, and can take ERC2.0 as a platform to issue tokens. The smart contract logic is the same as Ethereum’s. Said in laymen’s terms, Dapps that can be developed on Ethereum can also be developed on the VDS chain. Thank the Ethereum Foundation for its outstanding contribution to the cryptocurrency industry.

Through the combination of other functions in VDS, developers can rapidly realize value of new app development. Since cryptocurrency is actually a product of the blending of the Internet and finance, we must use an “internet mentality” to think about development, as well as to think about the position that users face when making financial operations in order to satisfy their needs. All in all, the number of users is the crux of success for Internet applications, VDS brings a more excellent experience for users and also provides the best platform for Devs to practice their craft on.

We trust that through technological means we can solve every problem, and that blockchain is changing the world.

For in-depth content regarding the VDS chain, please refer to the VDS whitepaper:

By: The decentralized Financial Promotions Group – The VDS Team

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