What is Vollar’s Future Value?

What is Vollar’s Future Value?

A true cryptocurrency will definitely not be able to tell you what its future price will be. Even though cryptocurrencies were created by man, from a financial perspective, crypto is like gold, they are both intrinsically currencies. The price is completely set by the market. The only difference between gold is that a cryptocurrency’s total issuance is accurate and finite.

We are not going to tell you what price Vollar will reach. When Bitcoin was at $0.10 we had no way to guess its price would reach what it is today. At that time we put CPU overclocking as just a hobby and entertainment, and thought (humorously in retrospect) the fact that Bitcoin could reach $10 was just too exciting. So now we still have no way to tell you what Vollar’s future price will be. However, what we can tell you is how all cryptocurrency prices are formed, including Vollar’s. Hopefully, this will help you judge the price for yourself and get the logic behind how Vollar’s price comes to be whatever it is.

First, you must use a decentralized mindset to view cryptocurrency, you have to know that the value of any cryptocurrency is the product of a collective consensus of values in a particular context and time frame. They are not like centralized currencies where the prices are set by governments, nor do they generate financial crises.

The price of all currencies (including fiat) is continuously fluctuating; “stable currency” doesn’t exist, it never has. This is a fake expression used to manipulate the way the masses think. 
If you comprehend the meaning of these two sentences, then you will be able to grasp the contents I’m sharing below. Of course if you don’t follow what I’m talking about, I don’t think you need to waste too much time here listening to me.

An extremely simple formula can tell us how the value of a commodity is formed in a free market. That is within a set time frame 

“commodity transaction price = total cash flows into the market / the current market exchange amount”

Simply said, the more buyers that there are, the higher that the price will go, and the more sellers there are, the lower the price will drop. The emergence of a price is a game between the buyers and sellers.

So when we judge the price of a cryptocurrency, we must actually pay attention to is how we can effect these two sides to market fluctuation. A largely increasing number of participants and confidence about future price are both pivotal for a cryptocurrency.

Also the more scattered around that currency holders are, the more stable value consensus is and the less likely that the value will be manipulated, and this in turn adds more legitimate value.

Vollar is the standard unit of currency within VDS. At the time it was designed, we paid extreme attention to elements mentioned above because the price of crypto will directly affect market confidence, and market confidence effects the rate at which the entire ecology develops.

First let’s cover the issues of the market’s cash in-flows and Vollar dispersing issuances. The Trust Stamp Network is designed to provide a great solution to these. Since you can get sumptuous returns, VDS participants will be motivated to engage in Trust Stamp System Fission Promotions. Only VIDs are eligible to make Fission Promotions. In order to become a VID, every participant must pay at least 10 Vollar. This not only brings new cash flows into the market, but also makes Vollar holders more and more scattered about the globe. This covers the first prerequisite for raising Vollar’s price.

Don’t underestimate this 10 Vollar. You should know the Trust Stamp Network is a multi-level promotional pyramid system based on blockchain technology; it links payment relationships through transaction signatures. Every VID can invite roughly 9.7 trillion new VIDs. Driven by this fission mechanism, for Vollar (whose issuance is limited to just 2.1 billion) even a single individual is capable of pushing up the price. This is the magnificence of math, an inevitable result of sophisticated calculations.

Second, the transaction volume on the market is basically whatever the people making trades wishes; they have a choice as to whether or not they will sell their commodity. Yes, cryptocurrency is a kind of commodity. When VDS was being designed, in order to make people want to be Vollar holders even more, and reduce the amount of Vollar available for trades, we designed in rewards for the super master nodes. When holders deposit their 10,000 Vollar UTXO and bind it to a super master node, the reward mechanism is activated. This operation not only can let holders handle Vollar themselves, it also receives income from new coin issuance and VAD bidding revenues. 

As the number of super master nodes grows, more and more Vollar will be locked up in these deposits. After adding on the huge cash flows from Fission Promotions, purchasing power will continuously go up. This will make Vollar’s price rise, which will then bring up confidence in the market for holders. As market confidence grows, it makes more people want to hold Vollar for the long term, which then puts Vollar into a cycle of rapid price rise.

The VDS design still has many more features that will make Vollar’s price rise. Vollar is a cryptocurrency that is designed to increase in price.

Since, as an independent economic entity, if a cryptocurrency becomes a true globally usable currency, price fluctuations must be kept within a relatively stable range. However, to do this the total market value needs to reach a certain scale. When the fluctuations come closer and closer to a rate that more and more people can accept, it possesses what is needed to be a usable currency. This is of vital importance for the future development of the VDS ecology.

Regarding Vollar’s price, I think everybody has the answer in their own hearts. According to the industry experience of years past the best way to deal in deflationary investments is to choose the right product, and then hold it as long as possible. You should know in this industry the truly successful are investors that hold onto it and don’t get shortsighted on investment opportunities. Of course a prerequisite is that what you are holding is definitely a cryptocurrency.

Let’s let time test the theories and logic behind our design, let the market prove VDS and Vollar’s future worth, because the fission of life is infinite, the vastness of the universe is limited.

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