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  • How to Become Top Player and Win Bitcoin in VDS

    I trust that everybody who knows about VDS is interested in how to become a Top Player and get huge Bitcoin rewards (even if there are still some people worried this is going to be a scam since it sounds too good to be true). I think this worry is quite reasonable, as at the birth of anything that has never before been seen, it will make people skeptical, which this is just about how we felt about Bitcoin, am I right? The first thing that I’ll tell you is…

    官方资料 May 21, 2019
  • VDS Competition for Bitcoin Genesis Game Start

    Through two years of design and development, $20 million USD in investments, V-Dimension fully adheres to the ideas of decentralization and pays attention to the user experience of every player. Through the product’s perfect design which makes cryptocurrency even more powerful, the charm of blockchain technology will be displayed for the whole world to see. On V-Day, 14th February 2019, VDS chain will officially activate, the Genesis Game to fight for Bitcoin will begin. This is the cryptocurrency industry’s first real-life version Ready Player One fight for Bitcoin distribution rights,…

    官方资料 May 21, 2019
  • What is VDS?

    How would one go about describing VDS in a sentence? The answer we’ve given out is, “it is a Noncentralized Consensus Society Full-Ecology Future Currency Network”, but nobody is going to get a true understanding of it from this. Truthfully, what we’ve done is not merely a single blockchain project of crypto, but achieved an integration of multiple technologies across the industry, as well as added in a few new technological breakthroughs. Through acme underlying architecture balanced design, takes product concept logic of elegant simplicity to bring to the masses…

    官方资料 May 21, 2019

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